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custom Exec string on installer/uninstaller
Hey guys, I just wondered about if it is possible to define different texts for the "Exec"-string.

On my installer I call an external program while installing, changed the string to "Install".
What I need is a small change, when uninstalling my application. It also starts the external program, but removes its content generated when it was installed.
The "Exec"-string should be "Uninstall" now, but dont know how to change it only for uninstall-routine.

Any suggestions? I only have this:

LangString "^Exec" ${LANG_ENGLISH} "Install service  ..."

Print your own text using DetailPrint and then use SetDetailsPrint none before your Exec call to hide it (and SetDetailsPrint after to restore normal output).


Well, sometimes I'm a bit stupid. Totally forgot about that. Thanks for remembering me about this. :)