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gflag iteration
  Is it possible to iterate in a loop through !define gflags names? For example, get values of ${Stuff$1}, where $1 is a number in ascending order? This example does not work:

!define Stuff00    "D939D0765789"

>!define Stuff01 "2983C201F3A4"
>!define Stuff02 "5DC3"
StrCpy $2 ""

${For} $0 0 2

IntFmt$1 "%02d" $0
StrCpy$2 $2${Stuff$1}


Many times I wished something like that was doable but it isn't. No such thing as compile time loops/variables.

Ok, thanks anyway.

You can generate a batchfile with !appendfile and run it with !system and do the looping in the batchfile and generate a .nsh

I knew that my "it can't be done" would draw a wizard out. :) :up: