Archive: NSIS Error (Unknown trigger)

NSIS Error (Unknown trigger)

I have setup a brand new Windows 8 system and therefore I downloaded and installed plenty software...

Now I get a returning popup up which states only "NSIS Error: Launching installer". Nothing more. I checked the windows task manager but I couldn't figure out anything unusual.
I also checked the windows event log - nothing unusual.

So is there any way I can find out what triggers this error message?

Everything I downloaded and installed works perfectly fine.. (and nothing pirated, everything genuine paid or free software).

I hope this is the right place since on they stated they won't reply to error message mails, and I am not familiar with the sourceforge bug tracker thing...

thanks in advance for your answer

This is a long shot but someone else had a similar problem not long ago, the problem was some antivirus updater in c:\windows\temp IIRC

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I have cleared the temp folder, now I have to wait if the message pops up again, either way I will report back and let you know.

Ok since it hasn't reappeared yet I am pretty sure I got it.
And I am pretty sure it was: Comodo dragon updater from comodo internet security.

Thanks again!