could not load temp\...\nsdialogs.dll
Few hours ago, my deploying project was correctly running.
But suddenly, its not working anymore.
Even the old saved code with only one nsDialogPage.

This is part of my code.

!include LogicLib.nsh
!include nsDialogs.nsh
!include StrRep.nsh
!include ReplaceInFile.nsh
!include FileFunc.nsh
!include TextFunc.nsh
!insertmacro GetTime
!include ZipDLL.nsh

; The name of the installer
Name "Packaging setup"

; The file to write
OutFile "Packaging setup v1.2.3.exe"

XPStyle on

Var Dialog
Var Label
Var UserText

; The default installation directory
InstallDir "C:\temp\setup"

; Request application privileges for Windows Vista
RequestExecutionLevel admin

; Pages

Page components
Page directory
;Page custom nsDialogsPage nsDialogsPageLeave
Page instfiles
Page custom nsDialogsPage nsDialogsPageLeave

UninstPage uninstConfirm
UninstPage instfiles

Section "Copy files"

; Set output path to the installation directory.

; Copy lot of files
File "D:\Temp\Sources\parametrage.txt"

Function nsDialogsPage
nsDialogs::Create 1018
Pop $Dialog

${If} $Dialog == error
MessageBox MB_OK "Oops something crashed"

${NSD_CreateLabel} 0 0 18% 10u "UserName : "
Pop $Label
${ConfigRead} "$INSTDIR\parametrage.txt" "@DERBY_USER@ = " $UserText
${NSD_CreateTExt} 50u 0 50% 12u $UserText
Pop $UserText


Function nsDialogsPageLeave
Call RIF

;${ConfigRead} "$INSTDIR\PARAMETRAGE.txt" "@DERBY_USER@ = " $0
${NSD_GetText} $UserText $0
!insertmacro _ReplaceInFile2 "$INSTDIR\$Version\conf\" "@DERBY_USER@" $0


This code was working perfectely until a moment... I dont know what happens.
Currently, the setup stopped (crashed ? ) after the copy of the files, and does not display the nsDialog form.
To notice :
- If I comment the files copy page, the nsDialog Pages appears normally
- If I make the nsDialog first, then the copy page, then the nsDialog again (just to test, it is useless on my application), the first nsDialog form appears, but not the second one.

I thought it was coming from the ${NSD_CreateTExt} so I tried the same action with only label (not text) and the result is the same... The copy of my files are correctly completed (it is logged).

And it was working, before I dont know what... I re start my machine, without any result.

If I put messagebox everywhere to understand what happens (kind of trace), the message displayed behind my msgbox (upper the progress bar) says something like :
"Could not load ! ...tempfolder\nsaezr.tmp\nsDialog.dll

Any advice would be welcome.