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silent switch kmp
Sorry my English is not so good!
I do not bother with width
I want to know that it does not use KmPlayer of nsis??

What code is silent?

This code will always return to normal

I've used this code

kmp.exe /s
kmp.exe /NCRC
kmp.exe /D=C:\Program Files\NSIS
kmp.exe /NCRC /S /D=C:\Program Files\NSIS
kmp.exe /SD /D=C:\Program Files\kmp.exe
kmp.exe /SD

I will be grateful if you can help

Many thanks friend

kmp.exe /S or kmp.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Foo

I also tested the
Does not work

KMPlayer V3.6.0.85

Somebody knows ؟؟

You should ask the KMPlayer people...

It's a capital S, not a lower case S as in your first post. It is also possible KMPlayer disabled this option in their installer.

Yes, it is possible
Not as though no one knows it!!