Archive: Input Box and Drop Down Menu during setup?

Input Box and Drop Down Menu during setup?
Firstly, let me preface by saying I have already looked at a lot of documentation and I am not sure where to begin for this because I have no coding experience. I use Venis for generating new scripts and then compiling them under NSIS.

My question is that I have an .ini file in the root directory of my NSIS script. I want to during setup (near the end) ask for a user to input some text in a file which in turn gets written to the ini file.

For example, near the end of the setup it Prompts the user by saying "Please enter your player name:" and then they have the choice to enter some text in a text box which will in turn be written to the .ini file.

The other thing I would like to include on that page is a drop down menu with predefined text which in turn depending on which a user chooses, gets written to the same .ini file.

Can someone assist me with this?

You create custom pages with nsDialogs or InstallOptions...