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NsDialogs dynamic ListView
Hey guys,

I'm trying to create a custom page using nsDialogs that uses ListView to Populate the list with options. The thing is though, I get the data to populate it in sort of like a for loop function before the page is even called, and I'm not too sure about this but is there any way to go about having a dynamic nsDialog page.

To help illustrate my problem clearer:

 ${NSD_CreateListView} 0u 0u 300u 120u "ListView"
Pop $1

${NSD_LV_InsertColumn} $1 0 110 "Column 0"
${NSD_LV_InsertColumn} $1 1 80 "Column 1"

${NSD_LV_InsertItem} $1 0 "Item 0"
${NSD_LV_SetItemText} $1 0 1 "subitem 0-1"
${NSD_LV_SetItemText} $1 0 2 "subitem 0-2"

${NSD_LV_InsertItem} $1 1 "Item 1"
${NSD_LV_SetItemText} $1 1 1 "subitem 1-1"
${NSD_LV_SetItemText} $1 1 2 "subitem 1-2"

This is usually how the normal code looks like, but I sort of want to be able to write the "items" in a custom function in itself.

How I used to do this is by populating an Ini file and using EmbeddedLists to then display this Ini file, but I'm trying to migrate to nsDialogs instead.

Sorry if I'm not too coherent right now, it's late and this is somewhat bugging me. Any answers to my woes would be greatly appreciated.

You do not have to call these functions in the CreatePage function, you can call them later as well.
The only thing I would do is to create a variable for the Listview control to store the Listview handle in instead of $1.