Cannot access network drive?

I'm trying to install something on a network but can't seem to access it through the NSIS installer. The hostname is not visible in the networks (which is why I can't access it in the NSIS installer) but I can access it if I type the path directly in the windows explorer. I tried using the function "GetDrives", but that doesn't show the network drive I'm looking for. Weird thing is that none of the networks drives starting with \\ show. I've also tried mapping the drive and it still doesn't show. Also tried to run as admin. I can access the network drive in other programs such as Microsoft excel. Does anyone know why?


*EDIT fixed, not sure how it works, maybe the path?
Now its asking me for the username and password when I click the network drive after "browse", is there anyway I can get the prompt to come up without clicking on the network drive?