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Windows 8 ACK Test

When I run the Window Application Certificate Kit (Win 8 x64) on my desktop app I am failing the Binary Analyzer test, example for a simple uninstaller I am getting the following errors

◦File C:\Program Files \NULL\Uninstall.exe has failed the NXCheck check.
◦File C:\Program Files \NULL\Uninstall.exe has failed the DBCheck check.
◦File C:\Program Files \NULL\Uninstall.exe has failed the SafeSEHCheck check.

For windows binaries this is fixed by adding relevant flags to linker command line. Can I resolve this for NSIS generated packages.


Those tests are a bit stupid, we don't use SEH at all IIRC and relocations are stripped so dynamic base/ASLR is not going to happen even if you set the flag. We should be able to set the NX compat flag if it is not going to affect plugins, you could file a feature request on the SF tracker.

In the mean time you can hex edit the stubs or use !packhdr

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Thanks for your reply Anders