Archive: Where can I find nsis error codes?

Where can I find nsis error codes?
I'm building an nsis script and sometimes I print the error codes, but then I cant find anything on the web that maps my error id to a proper description on whats the error.

There isn't any error code listage for NSIS?

For example, currently on this line:

ExecWait "net start Apache 2.2" $0

I'm getting error code 2

What makes you think these are NSIS error codes?

There are better ways of dealing with a service in NSIS but my guess here is that you need better quoting: ExecWait 'net start "foo bar"'

There is no general explanations like "1" means application ended prematurely or similar.
Every application has custom codes, but it is a good habit to have "0" (zero) as success code.