Some custom strings defined in local .nsh files are not replaced with default strings
Hi there,

I am creating a multi-language installer. I have defined below pages:


I have externalized all the label strings & Button texts to my local\English.nsh file so that I can use my custom translation in language files (JA & Chinese).

I have created Installer and executed in EN environment. All the strings are displayed from my local\English.nsh file. (tested by appending some differentiator like @EN@ to strings in local English.nsh file).

I copied same set of EN strings prefixed with @JA@ to Japanse.nsh. (updated ${LANG_JAPANESE} also) :)

When I execute the same installer file in Japanese environment, some strings are displayed in EN (with prfix @JA@) and some label strings like WELCOME_PAGE_TITLE, LICENSE_PAGE_ (all labels) are displayed in Japanese which are rendered from {NSISDIR}\Contrib\LanguageFiles\Japanese.nsh. :weird:

Same behavior in Chinese also. :stare:

I am not sure what went wrong. Can somebody help me to sort out this issue?


Thanks in Advance.