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one more little question: I work with MUI_FINISHPAGE_TEXT: So i have the following code in my script:

!define MUI_FINISHPAGE_TEXT "Thank you for installing. Please look in $INSTDIR\logfiles
and later
!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_FINISH

But my finisher page cannot render this text correctly. In the case a user select/browse another folder (as the command InstallDir says) for installing, my finisher page isn't able to render the text of the path correctly. Mostly there is a letter missing ....

Any idea?

Thanks very much

Build your text dynamically during runtime.
Do not use this symbol but simply copy your desired text into variable and use WM_SETTEXT message to set this text to appropriate label in finish page.

See Finish.nsh page to find the handle to the appropriate label.

Thanks for your fast answer. But can u please explain me a little bit ...
How can i get access to the Finish.nsh script ?!?


Finish page is saved in NSIS\Contrib\Modern UI 2\Pages\Finish.nsh.

The variable for desired label is $mui.FinishPage.Text

So use SendMessage $mui.FinishPage.Text ${WM_SETTEXT} 0 "STR:$VARIABLE_WITH_YOUR_TEXT_HERE"

Do this after Finish page is initilized - the best is in it's onShow function.