Archive: Problem with NSIS Quick Setup Script Generator

Problem with NSIS Quick Setup Script Generator
Hello, all.

I'm having a problem with NSIS Quick Setup Script Generator, but can't seem to reach the developer directly. I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me with it.

I want to know if a subfolder can be chosen for the Start Menu location.

For example:

Instead of installing to a folder called FIGHT, I would like the program to be installed into GAMES -> FIGHT (a folder within a folder).


You know, like a developer would do if they wanted to be able to have users install multiple programs of theirs into a folder matching their team or company name. Instead of having the folder for each program appear on its own in the main part of the Programs menu.

When I try to configure the program to do this, I enter the following text in the "Start Menu Folder Name" box:


But the program reports:

"Please specify a valid path for the installer."

I have also tried entering: $STARTMENU\Games\Fight

This too did not work.

Is the program unable to handle subfolders? Or am I missing something?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

There are no sources available for this tool so no one can give you exact answer.

I suppose this tool cannot handle '\' in the name of your Start menu folder = probably it is not supported to have subfolders.

Ah, I see. Well that's no good. :(

Has anyone else created an NSIS generator tool that's as easy to use, which does support subfolders?