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Windows 8 Start Menu tile groups

Are there any known plugins available to manage creating tile groups on the Windows 8 start menu?


Hm? I think simple CreateShortcut with $STARTMENU will create icon in Win8 start menu?

(I do not have Win8 - not tested.)

Hi, yes you're right - that will create a shortcut in the Windows Start Menu which you'll see if you use a 3rd party Start Button app to get the "old-style" start menu back in Win8, or even just create a toolbar to show the c:\programdata\....\Start Menu\Programs folder.

It will also add it to the Windows 8 tiled start menu, but as you can't have folders on the tile screen, your icons are placed on the far right after the myriad of other application icons you have installed. On the Win8 Start Menu my users report it's difficult finding the icon they need.

However, on Win8 Start Menu you can create groups of tiles (and even name them). I'd like to create a tile group for the icons my installer creates, and maybe also consider moving the tile group between the live tiles and the main application tiles if my users choose this.

The Win8 start menu tile configuration appears to be stored in the appsFolder.itemdata-ms file in c:\users\xxx\appdata\local\microsoft\windows.... so gonna need some sort of API to make changes to this. So... hoping someone is working on this =)