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using mssql oledb plugin for nsis
I have a program i am replacing that during the install i need to make a sql insert to a ms sql 2000 server. Iam using the sql statement in the previous program and it is not working so I am not sure whether it is how the plugin is expecting the query or what.

${oledb}::Sql_execuet “SELECT x FROM [dbname].dbo.tableName WHERE y = $var”


${oledb}::Sql_execuet “INSERT INTO [dbname].dbo.tableName (x,y,z) VALUES ($x,’$y’,$z)”
does not work.

any thoughts would be appriciated. I have seen 2 different versions of the program 1 has [x],[y],[z] and the other has '":$variable:"' the '" one was set up for winbatch so its a bit confusing.

Simple answer to the issue. my query needed '$var' in all of the values before it would work.

VALUES ($x,’$y’,$z)” = bad VALUES ('$x, '$y', '$z')" = success. Since it was my first time of dealing with MS sql server I was not able to quickly find an answer.