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Uninstall question

I create a program, and the the program is able to execute the uninstall of the oldest version.
But when I execute the uninst.exe through the program and in the process, a software named Au_.exe apperas, why?

NSIS makes a copy of the uninstaller and runs this so the real uninstaller is not locked and can be deleted, to avoid this use ExecWait '"$instdir\uninstaller.exe" _?=$instdir' and then delete the uninstaller and directory if required...

Its possible to define his name?

No and why would you need to change it?

To something more meaningful, and before write a message here, in some dicussions on the net it's a virus or a trojan...

I agree that something like uninst.exe would be a better name but perhaps there is a reason why it uses that weird name, some anti-virus software are not happy with programs in %temp% etc...