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Uninstall auto close (silent uninstall)
I'm currently trying to get my uninstaller and installer completely silent. I've managed to silence everything except for one part, the 'Uninstaller : Complete' 'Close' button. I want to somehow automatically close this window so the user will not have to see anything at all.

So far I've tried:

SetAutoClose true
SetUnInstall silent

But none seem to have fixed this issue.
I have a feeling that one of these instructions is correct, but I am using it incorrectly.

Function un.onUninstSuccess

This is the function that controls this action I believe.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


SilentUnInstall Silent is all it takes to make the whole uninstaller silent. SetUnInstall doesn't exist, the compiler certainly threw you an error on that one. Maybe it's a typo and you did use SilentUnInstall. In that case, the only problem that pops to mind is that SilentUnInstall must be placed outside of functions/sections. But again, the compiler would've thrown an error and told you that.