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License question
Hi guys and gals.

I'm developing an application, and I can't use NSIS as an installer because it's too limiting.
I'd like to create a custom installer which looks and feels like NSIS, as it's familiar to users.
My question: can I use the texts and icons/images of NSIS in my installer?

The project is not opensource. It's not commercial, but this might change in the future.

According to my understanding, NSIS is licensed under the zlib/png license, which permits such usage, but I'm asking here just to be sure.


The MUI design was inspired by the MSI/WindowsInstaller look MS created for IE4/2000 so if you don't care about anything < Win2000 you might be able to use the common control/propertysheet wizard stuff directly (PSH_WIZARD97 or PSH_AEROWIZARD)

IANAL so I cannot really say anything about our image files...

I wonder what you find "too limiting" in NSIS.

Given that the "core" is already pretty powerful, there are dozens of plugins with additional functionality and, if all that isn't sufficient, you can always create your own plugins to add whatever functionality that is lacking.

Thanks for the tips Anders. I already implemented most of it without using Microsoft's property sheets.

Neither am I, hence the question.

> I wonder what you find "too limiting" in NSIS.
Yes, I'm aware with the fact that anything that can be done, can be done in NSIS. The problem is that sometimes it's a real PITA to implement simple stuff.
For example, have you tried to add a custom checkbox to a standard NSIS dialog?
Also, I need additional functionality such as setting up a service, which I prefer to implement in a straightforward way, and not through plugins/additional processes.

Any Idea whom can I ask to get a more or less official answer to my original question?