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limit the number of installations
Is it possible to limit the number of installations from the nsis installer, I have seen red wine's guide to limit but it is only limited for one machine, if we copy the installer on other machine it will again run for 3 times, is there any way we can limit the number of installations across machines?

And if they copy the installed program to another machine? It is probably better to put the DRM in your application and not the installer...

If you want your application only installed i.e. three times you need to use mechanisms like Windows XP and higher uses, or the Adobe products. To register (unlock / activation) the software you need to communicate with a server that verifies the license key and returns something to make the setup on the particular machine unique. This may be done making a "fingerprint" of the hardware.

But at all this mechanim needs an server for the activation of your software. I do not know if your software is that valuable. In most cases this is only done in Software that has a high copy potential and / or very expensive software.

Oh I forgot to mention, there are dark areas of the internet were you can find hacks and crackt, that disable this mechanisms more or less good.