Archive: Custom language implementation (LCID 1031,2055)

Custom language implementation (LCID 1031,2055)
Hello everyone,

long time since I was here the last time. The reason is that NSIS3.0a1 is working like a charm even with Windows 8.

The reason for this post is the translation of character sequences within NSIS. Our program is going to make a difference between the language LCID 1031 and 2055. There are going to be different packages which are installed on the system by choosing either the one or the other language. (1031 german, 2055 german (switzerland))

So my question is how to implement both within my installer?

The first part I want to know is how to change the mui language?

!insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "German"
!insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "German_Switzerland" << is there something like this?

And how do I implement a custom choice for the language dialog?

Push German
Push English
Push A
LangDLL::LangDialog "$(^Name)" "Please select a language"
StrCmp $LANGUAGE "cancel" 0 +2

Is there something like the following block?
Push German (Switzerland)

I could implement all languages without any problem, but I didn't found any example how to implement switzerland german as own language.

The Locale ID for de_CH is 2055. You could simply clone the existing German language file, replace the ID and edit the language strings.

Thanks a lot! I will do it this way. :up: