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NSIS MS Access Signed Install
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I have an NSIS installer that installs access files. The files are in MS Access 2013, and are signed (so they are in .accdc format). I am just wondering if anyone has had success opening signed access files with NSIS. I ask because when you open an access .accdc file, you are systematically prompted for a location to store the resulting .accdb file, after which the file opens. I am being told that this is not possible in NSIS but I am dubious. I could just distribute the accdb files, but would rather have the signed file distributed. Does anyone know how to handle this?


What are you trying exactly to achieve? To a) copy .accdb files somewhere (possible with NSIS) or b) to "double-click" on them?

For b) you can use use ShellExecute and "open" verb to execute application associated with .accdb extension.