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Combine files to make stand alone exe file
Greeting to all.

First, I have spent few hours searching for solution or answer to my question. If I have over looked, please do not flame this old man:) I really did search...

What I am trying to do:

Have a .exe file and related files like .bin, .bgr and etc. I would like to combine all of them into one .exe file that does not require installation on users computer. They only have to click on combined .exe to start/run.

Is this possible to do with NSIS? If so could you please explain or point me to tutorial I have overlooked?

Many thanks in advance. Trying to make it simple for younger students to use software.


SilentInstall silent
Setoutpath $pluginsdir
File myapp.exe
File mydll.dll
ExecWait '"$pluginsdir\myapp.exe"'
Setoutpath $temp

Thank you Anders. Was hoping there was a tutorial but will give your input a go.

Hey Anders.

Do you mind assisting an old man little more please? Keep telling myself it is time to retire every year and now thinking it really is time, lol.

Could you point me to a tutorial that will help me use the script/steps you posted? Sorry but head is thick and need little more help. Use to using installers like inno. Have never needed to have a standalone setup like requesting here.

Just trying to make some science projects easier to use.

Many thanks for your assistance.

No help?

Dang shame no one wants to help teachers anymore. But that is how it is, under paid and ignored, lol.

Good day to all.

it's the weekend and people have lives away from here - and seeing as NSIS is a community developed project, you need to have some patience and not be impulsive and expecting instant responses.

You are correct DrO.

Sorry. Have to have a project ready for my 10th grade class in the morning so the pressure is on.

I will try another method by paying for software. Very sorry to have bothered anyone and not having enough patience.

If you take the code I posted you will get errors about not finding myapp.exe, fix that and it will tell you there was no outfile command, add outfile mypackedapp.exe and you should be done.

All you are doing is bitching about not getting any help instead of providing any kind of useful input. Did you try the code I posted? Any compiler error you don't understand?

This is a scriptable installer, to do anything useful you will have to learn some commands and RTFM...