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how to find a changed shortcut
  Hi guys,

Actually, I am newbie at NSIS.

I wonder if there is any way to find the shortcut that is changed its name by user.

Thanks in advance.


Shortcuts are .lnk files saved in folder (e.g. Desktop).
Simply search for all *. lnk files in desired directory and do your action with shortcut you want:

FindFirst $0 $1 $DESKTOP*.lnk

StrCmp $1 "" done
FindNext$0 $1
Goto loop
>FindClose $0

Hi Slappy,

Thank you for letting me know how to traverse in desktop directory.

However, I want to see its attributes such as target, start in, etc.., to find changed shortcut.

* I tried to see its attribute with GetFileAttributes, but it was blank.

is there any other function ?