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Can't create a directory
Hi guys,

This is my first post.

I try to create a script to build a installation file. I have put the program files under the $INSTDIR\myProgramName\. Then I want to put the license file into a directory under the $APPDATA. There is no error from NSIS, but after installing the program, I found the directory under $APPDATA is not created and the license file can't be installed.

Here is the script snippet:

SetOutPath "$APPDATA\myCompay\myprogram\xx unfold srf"
File "..\testfolders\license.lic"

Could anyone tell me where I should go to find the problem?

I run win7 64bit, but the program should be installed on 32&64, xp, win7 and win8.

thank you


I guess you use SetExecutionLevelAdmin?

Where want you to store the license file?

Under SetShellVarContext Current it will be stored under "c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\myCompay\myprogram\xx unfold srf"

Under SetShellVarContext All it will be stored under
"c:\ProgramData\myCompay\myprogram\xx unfold srf"

If you want it in localappdata instead of roaming you should use $LOCALAPPDATA.

And you have a look for compiler warnings. Maybe nothing found under "..\testfolders\license.lic" and you have to use the full path instead of the relative one.



thank you for your quick reply. I found the problem, the script is correct, but SetShellVarContext has current as default. I need to use SetShellVarContext all to make it work.