Archive: NSIS script for VB 2010 Express -- How?

NSIS script for VB 2010 Express -- How?
First, I am new to NSIS and recently installed the latest version (MakeNSISW 2.3.2) on both a Windows 7 (64-bit) platform and a Windows Vista (32-bit) platform.

I have created a simple test VB program that I would like to create an installer for. The attached VBTester4_GUI.PNG file shows the structure of the program in the Solution Explorer window. Note, there is a Resources directory that contains *.png and *.html files which are needed by the HelpForm. The attached VBTester4_BuildFiles.PNG shows the contents of the ...\bin\Release directory. If I double click on the VBTester4.exe file then it executes with no errors.

Is it possible to create an installer for this VB program with NSIS? If yes, an example of script to generate a simple installer would be appreciated.

I do not see the files that I attached --- why?