Archive: How to know the parameters window of the process ?

How to know the parameters window of the process ?
I know the name and PID of the process. How to know the parameters window (handle, etc.) of the process ?

I don't really understand what you are asking, do you want to know the command line parameters the process was started with or something to do with a window?

Known PID process. The process creates a window. Need to know the handle of the window.
It seems to have this function: EnumThreadWindows() and EnumThreadWndProc

IIRC the system plugin has a example that uses EnumWindows, in that callback function call GetWindowThreadProcessId and compare the PID

You need all the way around! Processes have created a lot of windows - both visible and not visible. I need to know which window to create a specific process. And then to work with the window.

You will have to loop through all windows (with EnumWindows), and compare the PID to check if it's your window.
There is no direct way to get it.